Investing in Technology Stocks

The infrastructure of technology has not quite reached puberty. The very best is yet to come. In particular I am referencing Internet technology and mobile access to the world wide marketplace of information and support system that enables total remote access. Additionally, the use of technology in the field of medicine, health care and other related services. Investing in Technology Stocks The list of products and services in the pipeline of small, medium and large companies is astounding. Within the field of technology is the cornerstone of all the products is security software and services. The talk on Wall Street is that technology stocks are ripe for investing in today’s market. This piece of information is noteworthy, but having watched the exuberance of gross gains in the last decade go blow , not all technology stocks are the same. The specific areas that appear in my opinion to be situated well for future growth are in health care related stocks, multimedia and graphic software, security software, networking and communication devices and specialized areas of electronics. There are other categories, but these areas of technology are poised for future gains in my opinion.

Healthcare Related Stocks: Imagine the future of delivering health care services. The physician practicing in a remote town in Alaska who can consult with a specialist located at the John Hopkins Medical Center. In real time the rural doctor can send and receive vital radiological and metabolic tests and results. Imagine medical scientists, physicians and university medical centers consulting on their data enable mobile phone devices. Some of these technologies exist today, but the future is going to be fantastic. In the small cap arena several health care delivery stocks are generating interest. Mediware Information Systems is a $7 stock that will likely double in the foreseeable future. It trades under the stock symbol MEDW on the NASDAQ stock exchange. This relatively small company has a huge presence in the hospital services area. MEDW has three components in its software applications all that aid hospitals and physicians to track and modify drug orders, blood management and perioperative functions. These tools are used extensively in the United States and their application is being applied in other countries, including African nations. More on Investing in Stocks.


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