An Investment In Knowledge Is The Best Investment

An Investment in Knowledge, Is the BEST Investment
An Investment in Knowledge, Is the BEST Investment by Noel Roberts
The mind is not a vessel to be filled,
but a fire to be ignited.

Information is one of the greatest assets of this era. In previous ages, you owned factories, cattle ranches, gold mines, or skyscrapers to be rich. In the Information Age, information alone can make you very rich. The creators of popular networking sites have proved that. With little money, some information, and the leverage of technology, twenty-year-olds have become billionaires.

Investing in Yourself
One of the most important rules is to take time and “Invest in Yourself” – if you don’t, who else will? If we don’t take time out of our day to educate ourselves, on whatever the topic, then how will we grow. I am currently educating myself on the topic of Real Estate investing. I didn’t just dipped my toe into the pool of information out there- I DIVED into it. It’s about being proactive and taking responsibility. Think about it. What you do on a day to day basis affects more than just you. The lives of your great great grandchildren could very well be affected by what you do today.


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